The Between the Bookshelves SPL Community Zine is an ongoing creative endeavor at the Sayre Public Library to give our community a new avenue to express their ideas artistically and share their work. The zine runs six issues a year, typically printing a small circulation of 25-30 copies an issue. These zines are then available for free to the public.

Each zine issue is linked to a specific theme. The zine themes for the next three issues are as follows:

July 2022: “Community”
September 2022: “Banned Books Week – Books Unite, Censorship Divides”
October 2022: “Ghosts”

Zine Submission Guidelines

Interested in contributing to Sayre Public Library’s Between the Bookshelves community zine? Check out our submission guidelines below for more information!

You can submit in digital or physical format, however Sayre Public Library is not responsible for lost or damaged property sent to us physically and we cannot promise return of physical submissions, so please do not give us your original copies.

By submitting for publication in the SPL community zine, you acknowledge that this is a Creative Commons project and that you will not be monetarily compensated for your contribution.

We accept the following types of contribution submissions:

  • Short poetry
  • Black-out poetry
  • Microfiction and short-form essays (less than 200 words)
  • Photography
  • Sketches
  • Drawings, paintings, single-page comics, etc.
  • Collages

If you wish to submit something not on the above list, please contact us first at 

When submitting digitally, please use the Google Form here and complete all applicable fields.

When submitting physically, please mail or drop off your submission to the Sayre Public Library at 122 Elmer Ave, Sayre, PA 18840. All physical submissions MUST be accompanied by a typed information sheet detailing your name, email address, title of submission if applicable, and the name of the zine issue you are submitting to.   

The zine themes and submission periods for the next three issues are as follows:

July 2022: “Community”
Submission Period: June 1, 2022 – June 30, 2022

September 2022: “Banned Books Week – Books Unite, Censorship Divides”
Submission Period: August 1, 2022 – August 31, 2022

October 2022: “Ghosts”
Submission Period: September 1, 2022 – September 30, 2022

We will email you only if your submission is accepted for publication in the zine. If you are not accepted for a given zine, feel free to submit again for a later issue!