How You Can Help

 Use and Attend!

The measure of a library’s success is its usage, so visit us, take advantage of our services, and discover what is in store. Your patronage helps us to thrive!

Spreading the Word

Changes at the Sayre Public Library are on-going. Perhaps you know someone who has never even set foot into the building, or may be unaware of the breadth of resources offered at the library. Word-of-mouth information helps us greatly, and it has been a wonderful source of new patronage over the years.


The Sayre Public Library maintains many volunteer opportunities. However, these are on an ‘as-needed’ basis. Volunteers assist the staff in meeting the educational, informational, and cultural needs of our patrons. Time donated by volunteers helps our staff to better meet the needs of each individual library user. Library volunteers are given many different responsibilities, and may enjoy any one of the following tasks:

Shelving returned items.

Reading, edging, and straightening our bookshelves periodically.

Using the microfilm reader to assist with genealogical or historical research.

Assisting with various aspects of our children’s programming.

Fundraising efforts.

Marketing and communications.

Teaching community programs.

ALL volunteers are asked to complete a volunteer application. Additionally, volunteers who wish to work with children are asked to complete the following clearances: Criminal Record Check (Act 34)Child Abuse Clearance (Act 151), and Pennsylvania FBI Fingerprint Clearance (Act 114). If interested please inquire at the Sayre Public Library, or call (570) 888-2256. If you would like to donate time and energy, spearhead a project-in-development, or even give some time to our popular Story Hour for Children, please contact us at the library or by sending using our Contact form.

Book Donations

The Sayre Public Library accepts most books, used or new. We prefer lightly-used, ‘like new,’ or minimally worn materials. Per our policies, if we are unable to catalog these materials, we will make them available for sale to benefit the library.
All donations made to the Sayre Public Library are tax-deductible.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations may be made to the Sayre Public Library in cash or check form. These are used for maintenance, utilities, collections, and the purchase of various necessities. If you wish to designate your donation to a specific area of need at the library, please contact us or stop in in order to discuss the matter.

Memorial Gifts

The Sayre Public Library is sustained in part through the selfless giving of our friends in the community. Donations made in honor of special people, loved ones, or community members are used to purchase books and other materials that the library acquires. In turn, these memorial items contain placards which present the names of the honoree and the donor. To carry out this process, stop in or please complete our Memorial Donation Form.

Bequests & Endowments

Public libraries, like all non-profit organizations, are at the mercy of the ever-changing economy and political whims. We weather lean times with the help of generous estate endowments and bequests. Our benefactors are honored in perpetuity with a brass plaque on our Honor Roll.